In the search for the perfect light, the idea for Occhio was born – a modular lighting system for all areas of life, consistent in design and function. In the beginning, this idea developed evolutionarily, with the completely new possibilities of LED technology, it then developed in a revolutionary way. The result is a holistic universe of light – with unique light quality, timeless design and an incomparable »joy of use«.

1999 | Puro

In search for the perfect light, Puro was created, the first comprehensive luminaire system for living and public areas.

The decisive idea of founder and designer Axel Meise: a modular head-body system that has been continuously developed for 20 years and that inspires more and more people.

» Wherever I looked, I found many good, individual solutions – but no systems that were consistent in both design and function. So I set to work.«

Axel Meise

2004 | Sento

With Sento, Axel Meise and his team make the next big throw. Sento is the first luminaire system with changeable lighting effects and color options. Exchangeable lenses and color filters create fascinating effects.

The luminaire system develops into a bestseller, then a perennial favorite and finally a classic.

2008 | Divo

Inspired by the success of the Sento series, Occhio continues to expand the range of applications – and creates the first decorative lighting system with Divo.

Thanks to the exchangeable, internal aluminum reflectors, the lighting effect can also be changed here. Divo – an object of desire!

Occhio lounge compilations

Music and light are a harmonious combination: the Occhio lounge has therefore been in existence for 10 years.

. For our anniversary, we have summarized the Occhio lounges Vol. 1 – 10 for you – in more than 500 minutes of music enjoyment.

2009 – 2012 | From evolution to revolution

Every revolution needs a beginning – Occhio had two: the eruptive power of the LED and the ban on incandescent lamps. For the development of its LED light, Occhio does not focus on the competition, but on the sunlight itself – and remains true to its own quality standard.

It all starts with Più and »Smart Source«, with which the customer can choose between halogen and LED light sources.

Later, Occhio takes the electronics development in its own hands – and for the first time presents io, a modular LED luminaire system with gesture control, which enables a new way of interacting with light – joy of light. An independent, comprehensive LED architecture is gradually established.

2014 | Sento LED

The climax of the change: Sento in halogen becomes the Sento LED system – with completely new control features.

Two LEDs provide separately controllable up and down light. With the power-compensating »up/down fading«, the full light output is available on each side if required. Light can be directed freely in the room!

2016 | The universe of light

At the exhibition stand on Light + Building 2016, differently dimensioned design lines for interiors (planet X, L and M) and a line for outdoors (planet E) complement each other – depicted as planets – and form a comprehensive »Universe of Light«.

The philosophy of holistic lighting design for all areas of application is now a reality.

2018 | a new culture of light

The new claim »a new culture of light« expresses Occhio's mission: to bring an unprecedented lighting experience into people's living and working environments and thus enrich their quality of life. Occhio’s new culture of light combines quality of design, light and the unique »joy of use« from Occhio to create a new lifestyle.

Mads Mikkelsen and Sofia Boutella show this impressively in the short film »The Charm« –and act as strong ambassadors for a new light culture.

2019 – X | New horizons

In 2019 Occhio opens the first Occhio store in Guangzhou / China. A milestone in the expansion strategy, which will be followed by stores in Mumbai, Paris, Singapore and Taiwan.

With the Sito series, Occhio takes its design and light quality to the outdoors for the first time. And with the linear version of Mito, it offers a lighting tool that is particularly suitable for the public sector. Design quality, light quality and »joy of use« are now finding their way into modern workspaces.

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