We are fascinated by making people become the lighting designer of their living space and giving them quality of life through light.

Everything changes permanently. Nothing stays as it was. Because only what evolves has continuous existence – like Occhio. Focusing on an idea and a system leads to a unique attention to detail and depth in product quality. Providing the perfect solution for every spatial situation and requirement – that is what motivates us. Every day anew.

We stand for individuality

Our intelligent lighting solutions adapt perfectly to your individual needs. To do so, we have created a holistic modular luminaire system that always offers a suitable lighting solution for your requirements. Consistent in design and lighting quality, Occhio connects various spaces and allows you to illuminate whole buildings in highest quality. Become the lighting designer of your living space.

We stand for unique design

Design and function go hand in hand – a symbiosis that turns quality into an experience. High-quality materials and careful workmanship with great attention to detail ensure perfect aesthetics. We take up new trends in interior design and interpret them in our very own powerful form. Our luminaires never go out of style – yet they stay timelessly beautiful. Consistently in shape and form, you can design your home or entire building consequently in the highest design quality.

We stand for highest light quality

Light is an elementary part of our lives, with light we create living spaces, mood and atmosphere. The light of Occhio is an invitation – to enjoy and to feel, to create something extraordinary, to share beautiful moments and to express your own individuality.

We stand for intuitive control

Whether switching, dimming, fading up / down or creating whole lighting scenarios and groups – with Occhio air you can playfully control your lighting via Bluetooth. With »touchless control«, the luminaire is controlled exactly where the light emerges: at the luminaire's head. With a simple gesture you adjust the light contactless and intuitive.

Occhio stores

The multifunctional concept of the showrooms was realized in cooperation with the renowned architectural office einszu33. The aim was to create a warm and atmospheric ambience opposing a clearly legible and puristically staged product world.

Occhio – the company

Occhio is one of the most innovative companies in the lighting industry and in Germany market leader in the field of high-quality design luminaires.

Occhio products as a comprehensive, modular lighting system have a unique position on the market and are among the most successful lighting products in recent years.

Axel Meise – the founder

Success often results from consistent questioning of already existing answers. That's how it was with Axel Meise, too. In an architectural and a design world that both postulate homogenous, consistent design, he as a lighting designer wondered about the uncontrolled aesthetic growth of the many different light sources and luminaires in private and public spaces in the early 1990s.

The reason for this was obvious: Every room situation needs a specific lighting solution, and this – at that time – could only be solved by using many different lights. There was no holistic lighting system on the market. The idea of ​​a comprehensive »lighting tool« was born. Axel Meise put his first sketches for a modular lighting system to paper in the mid-1990s.

In the late 1990s, Occhio (Italian for »eye«) was founded based on the essence of his long-standing experience with light. The foundation of Occhio also marks the beginning of an on-going innovation process, that continuously produces new designs and application solutions: light is evolution.

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