The ideal ceiling lighting

Especially in the bathroom, it is particularly important to create a basic brightness with high quality of light. Ideally, it is a question of architectural conditions and one can choose between recessed or surface mounted spotlights depending on the ceiling.

The recessed spotlights Più piano are reduced in design, yet at the same time offer brilliant, glare-free light.

Mirror lighting

Especially the mirror lighting has a lot to do: makeup is put on best in warm, soft light that produces no sharp lines and shadows. For shaving cool light is optimal – and basically the mirror lighting should of course do well. The combination with another light body, for example, the indirect light donates, is particularly suitable to support the lighting effect of a mirror light.

Mito sfera su illuminates the face evenly – while being absolutely glare-free. The light of the luminaire that can be mounted on the mirror can also be adjusted in its light color – warm or cold, adjusted to the respective situation.

Bathrooms without natural light

From an inside bathroom, a clever and tasteful lighting concept turns into a sensual well-being spot in an instant. A skilful lighting design works on three levels: It takes into account the optimal basic lighting, the functionality of individual luminaires (such as mirror lights), and the decorative component. If lights can then be intuitively controlled, the atmosphere and perception of the bathroom can be optimally adapted to your respective needs.

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