Light in the bedroom accompanies us gently into the day – and the night. Here we long for good light as much as for darkness. Atmospheric and targeted lighting of the bedroom therefore not only focuses on the highest quality of light, but also deliberately plays with light and dark.

Soft light for the bedroom

In the bedroom, we need above all a soft, gentle room light that fills the room pleasantly.

Unconsciously we experience here every day the biological transfer into the active waking and the sleeping phase. Luminaires, whose light color can be changed, subtly support our biological rhythm – in the morning hours with activating, cool light, in the evening with a warm, soothing glow.

Dimmable luminaires provide us with light in the desired intensity.

Mito soffitto – more than a masterpiece

It is more than just a design masterpiece: the sophisticated lighting technology from Mito soffitto provides the room with atmospheric and brilliant light, giving the bedroom in particular a nuanced, balanced atmosphere.

Even lying in bed, its sophisticated optics and light distribution guarantee absolutely glare-free light in the room.

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The perfect bedside luminaire

The bed is the center piece of every bedroom. Bedded in soft blankets, we let the day end here with a good book.

To protect our eyes, directed, glare-free reading light next to the bed is an integral part of every bedroom lighting concept.

Whether as a wall or bedside table luminaire – the reading light should be matched to the user's eye level. Thus it not only provides light for reading, but also integrates effectively into the interplay of light and dark in the bedroom.

Flattering light in the dressing room

In the dressing room we are looking for beauty, for perfection. Just as as our reflection or our wardrobe, the light must be able to withstand our critical look.

Balanced lighting shows us our surroundings in their full spectrum. Occhio »perfect color« LEDs with maximum light quality ensure the best possible color rendering: Colors, materials and textiles appear - like our complexion - with as much nuance and depth as they would out in the natural world.

Light is life

The importance of light quality in our living spaces cannot be overestimated – because light directly influences our physical and psychological well-being. Therefore, you should make no compromises when choosing your light sources.

Occhio luminaires optimally respond to human lighting needs and offer maximum efficiency with the best possible light quality.

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