stands for color rendering index.
It indicates how much of the visible color spectrum a light source can represent. For what we see is the light reflected from an object, so what we see depends a lot on the light in which the object stands. If the quality of the light is not high, the perception is distorted as well. And this is largely determined by the visible light spectrum. The measure for this is the so-called color rendering index (CRI).
Natural sunlight with a CRI of 100 serves as a reference. This means that sunlight contains the full spectrum of light, i.e. all visible light waves - the color rendering is optimal.

With luminaires with a high CRI, we therefore take in our surroundings as in daylight. Colors and skin tones appear completely natural. The Occhio LEDs with a CRI greater than 95 come very close to the optimum and thus ensure the best possible color rendering.

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