»A little makes the way of the best happiness« said Nietzsche and was exactly right.

After all, true luxury is not a matter of having »more«, but rather being free – from superfluities, from everything that doesn’t suit us and distracts us from all that is fundamentally important. Purism represents a lifestyle, statement and a style-conscious decision for more living space, increased quality of life and eminent happiness!

How to make your interior neat and super chic

Are you ready to take action? To implement this trend, the first thing you need to do is create more space, which allows you to effectively place just a few choice elements with clear, tranquil lines on the empty floors and walls. Rely on subdued colors, the contrast between light and dark or venture to the other extreme: Black and white is currently the trend and represents the truest form of purism!

Tip: Take it easy

Treat yourself to some rest and relaxation while making these changes. Instead of diving into a major project, just go from room to room and gradually create more free space and room to breathe.

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