Inspiring sensuality

Mito sospeso lusso Leder
The canopies of the Mito ceiling and pendant luminaires include a new cover of handcrafted Ascot leather. The exquisite material with the open-pore structure casts a magical spell by its natural feel. The meticulous stitching of the carbon arcs represents the height of artisan craftsmanship.
Mito sospeso lusso Leder

Pure fascination

Mito sospeso lusso Oberflächen
Expressive and sensual – the metal vapurised or anodised surface finishes of the Mito rings, the result of a painstaking production process, make a lasting impression, the result of their unique color intensity and their finest, hand-brushed structure. They incorporate the latest interior trends and set striking accents.
Mito sospeso lusso Oberflächen

Pure luxury in curated style worlds

Six style worlds curated by us for Mito sospeso offer you unique, aesthetic material combinations.

Style: caldo

caldo unites Ascot leather in marrone and the surface phantom in an energetic, fascinating warm symbiosis.

  • Mito sospeso lusso caldo leather Nahaufnahme
  • Mito sospeso caldo lusso
  • Mito lusso Luxus Edition

joy of use

Occhio makes operating light become an experience. Switch luminaires on and off without touching them, simply by gesture, or change the brightness or light color. The secret: »touchless control«. Or smartly use Occhio air: app or controller. Experience it for yourself.

create your style

Luxury made by Occhio: Choose one of our curated style collections or design your luminaire individually by combining your preferred materials.