Finest leather

Canopies and bodies from the Mito series are given a new look with handcrafted Ascot leather. The noble material enchants with its soft and yet grippy feel. Its open-pored leather structure gives rooms softness and depth – and sets subtle material and color accents in different shades.

Noble elegance: marble

Each piece is unique: for the arch luminaires of the Edizione Lusso, marble is cut from large blocks of stone. This gives each luminaire base an individual grain. The colors of the marble complement each other with Ascot leather and noble luminaire surfaces in an expressive interplay.


Self-confident, yet pleasantly unobtrusive: puro combines bianco Ascot leather with the luminaire surface matt white. The result: an inspiring stringency day after day.


Classic elegance: oro combines ascot leather in bianco with a matt gold finish and unites them in an unmissably tasteful appearance.


Charming presence: with intenso, grigio ascot leather combined with the rose gold luminaire surface ignite real sensory whirlwinds!

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