With our »New Brand Spaces« concepts we create a unique brand and product experience together with our exclusive partners. The Partnership provides access to a proven business model and an outstanding financial perspective.

»Occhio store by«

As a mono brand store »Occhio store by« can be realized both stand alone or attached to an existing store. Visibility and attractiveness of the Occhio stores ensure high frequency. The comprehensive equipment and well thought-out presentation as well as the high quality of the stay appeals to consumers, building owners and architects, thus offer a business model that is unique in the lighting industry.

Occhio store by Licht + Wohnen, Karlsruhe

The interior designer and designer Klaus Rettmer founded the furnishing store Licht + Wohnen in Karlsruhe in 1974. Right from the start, he placed luminaires and furnishings in a harmonious relationship with each other, because only the right lighting puts the furnishings in the right light. With its new Occhio store by, the premium partner can now experience the brand and world of Occhio in an elegant atmosphere over more than 100 square meters.

Occhio store by LichtCenter – Frankfurt am Main, Germany

LichtCenter Frankfurt is one of the leading addresses for design luminaires in the Rhine-Main-Area in Germany. LichtCenter has been a successful Occhio partner for many years now. In November 2018, LichtCenter decided to further expand its partnership and dedicate a sales area exclusively to Occhio. Visitors can experience the typical Occhio universe in the largest »Occhio store by« to date on around 160 square metres.

Occhio store by Klebe – Bünde, Germany

Klebe Lichtideen was founded in Bünde in the 1990’s. This is where the first shop with design luminaires for the living space was built. Exclusively for the Occhio store, the existing business premises were extended with its own entrance. In November 2018 Klebe opened up the »Occhio store by« on 100 square metres.

Occhio store by Design Rampf – Wien, Austria

For more than 50 years, the Rampf family has been an important contact point for design and lighting enthusiasts in the greater Vienna area. Now in its second generation, Design Rampf, as a long-standing Occhio partner, opened Austria’s first Occhio store in autumn 2018 on 110 square metres.

»Occhio gallery by«

The Occhio gallery is a high-end solution for large retail partners, who want to use the brand’s appeal for their business and fully exploit the potential of Occhio. The New Brand Space will be integrated into the exhibition in a prominent location and offers a new level of consulting and shopping experience.

Occhio gallery by Drifte, Moers

Since 1961, Drifen Wohnforum has been the tradition-conscious furniture store for design and brand-conscious people who value beautiful shapes and high quality. Since October 2019, the premium house has set new standards with the 110 square meter Occhio gallery and makes light culture in Moers come alive.

Occhio gallery by Lukassen, Bedburg-Hau

The premium partner Leuchten Lukassen has set itself the task to realize light dreams of extra class. With a keen sense for people and space, the team creates individual lighting solutions together with its customers. In the 90 square meter Occhio gallery, the entire product portfolio of Occhio will be experienced in application.

Occhio gallery by Spectrum – Ypres, Belgium

Lichthuis Spectrum – passion for light is existing since 1993. In September 2018 they opened the 45 square metres Occhio gallery where the limitless possibilities of Occhio can be discovered.

Occhio gallery by Spotlight – Copenhagen, Denmark

Spotlight has been in the heart of Copenhagen for almost 30 years. The combination of an exclusive range of luminaires, years of experience and competent advice have excited their customers. In September 2018, the showroom was extensively renovated and the entire entrance, with 45 square metres, was dedicated to the Occhio.

»Occhio IPC gallery by«

The Occhio IPC gallery is perfectly adapted to the needs and special possibilities of our interior partners. The Occhio New Brand Space ensures brand visibility and offers a comprehensive brand experience in a minimal space. At the same time, the variety of possible applications of Occhio is comprehensively presented in the exhibition in the form of real situations for the individual product lines.

Occhio IPC gallery by Tendenza – Nuremberg, Germany

Design lovers from the region are meeting in the city of Nuremberg at Tendenza to discover the newest interior ideas. The first Occhio IPC gallery was implemented in best position in the showroom and the whole exhibition was equipped with Occhio luminaires. On 25 square metres the showroom creates an inspiring demonstration of possible applications.

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