Mito – General

Mito – Optics

Mito – Installation

Mito – LED and control technology

Mito terra / terra 3d

Mito volo

Mito alto

Occhio air – General

Occhio air – Configuring luminaires

Occhio air – Groups and Scenes

Occhio air – Networks

Occhio air – »air« Controller

Occhio air – Troubleshooting

Occhio air – Data storage

Occhio air – Evolution and Classic

Occhio air – »air« sync

Occhio VOLT Technology - General

Occhio VOLT Technology - Technology

Occhio VOLT Technology - Control

io lui spotlights

io spotlights

lui spotlights

Operation of Occhio luminaires

Care and cleaning instructions

Ban on high-voltage halogen bulbs

clipLED – Switch from halogen to LED

Occhio Online Shop – Delivery & shipment

Occhio Online Shop – Cancellation / Return

Compatible dimmers