Corridors & entrées are transfer zones with a narrative function: functionality-wise they are only connecting places, however they do tell a lot about the residents – whether through art on the walls, framed family memories or simply through furniture, color scheme and lighting design. A skillful lighting design creates atmosphere – and at the same time underlines the identity of the residents.

Corresponding corridor lighting

When we think of corridors, the image of long, narrow corridors quickly enters our head. However, also atrium-like entrance rooms characterize modern living space in particular.

Whatever its shape, the lighting in your corridor should follow the proportions of the architecture and luminaires should be arranged accordingly.

Luminaires of the Mito linear series correspond in their reduced design language with any architecture and gently illuminate staircases and corridors.

A real highlight – pendant luminaires

The generosity of high, two-storey atriums is emphasized by pendant luminaires that work with direct and indirect light.

Seemingly floating, Mito sospeso, in combination with the illuminated ceiling, opens this entrance and makes the room appear sublime.

Playing with light – illuminating long corridors

Long corridors gain in effect when you stage their length. Set specific highlights at the end of the visual axes – for example by illuminating a picture or sculpture. By this, you emphasize the distance between the beginning and the end.

If you want to counteract the length, it is advisable to brighten the walls with direct light selectively. The corridor will then be segmented and perceived as shorter. Combined with pictures, the corridor becomes a private gallery.

Recessed spotlights such as lui piano deliberately withdraw themselves and yet provide focused light. Surface-mounted spotlights can be used just as effectively where no space has been left in the ceiling.

Delightful corridor lighting

A more playful lighting design – for example with Mito soffitto in various sizes – also distracts from the length of the corridor. Instead, the focus is on the special light installation.

Spotlight on: setting accents with spotlights

Spotlights of the Più series with selectable optics and a high lumen package are perfect for illuminating corridors.

With the interplay of light and shadow – a characteristic of Occhio –, they perfectly showcase special materials. Their mobility offers maximum flexibility.

Design meets function – stairwell lighting

Stairs are more and more becoming a design object in the living space. Through a coordinated staging with light, the staircase can even become an architectural feature of a house.

The art here, however, lies in skillfully adding function to the aesthetic aspect: Stair steps should be clearly recognizable and the luminaires should not protrude too far, but should be discreetly recessed.

Mito soffitto can be used as both ceiling and wall luminaire and provides absolutely glare-free light even in narrow stairways. The following luminaires of the io or Sento series enliven functional staircases with their characteristic light cones.

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