»Work, the joy comes by itself«, Goethe once said. Today we know that it is our environment that motivates us; at home we are usually the most productive. Light plays an important role. Used correctly, it stimulates our senses. If it can be switched from living to working mode in the twinkling of an eye, it is the ideal companion for your home office.

Luxury study

Your own study - a real luxury for home office lovers. The space created especially for your concentration demands equally focused lighting with the highest lighting quality for optimum visual comfort. A powerful and adaptable free-standing luminaire with intuitive features is therefore particularly suitable for the desk. Ideally, the desk and luminaire should form a high-quality, aesthetic ensemble.

Icon: Mito terra 3d

Mito terra 3d, for example, is a true icon where form and function are in harmony. With its high-quality design and elegant materials, it enhances any interior and at the same time provides intuitive operating pleasure. The light can be controlled playfully and easily on the luminaire head or body and the color temperature can be adjusted to the time of day – from cooler, stimulating light during the day to warmer light for cosy evening hours.

Dining table: A real all-rounder

The dining table has a central role in our home. It is where we dine together with family and friends and at the same time offers space to capture ideas on the laptop in the evening. The optimal lighting connects both worlds – living and working – and can be flexibly adapted to the respective situation. For your dining table, we recommend height-adjustable pendant luminaires with up- and downlights for a homely atmosphere and sufficient flexibility for different scenarios.

Straight: Mito volo

Mito volo is the ideal solution for tables that are used both for living and working. Sophisticated lens optics provide glare-free light that illuminates the entire table surface homogeneously. But it is only when you interact with the luminaire that its true talent comes to light: the pendant luminaire can be easily adjusted in height with one hand to suit the situation. Control is contactless and takes place directly where the light is emitted - at the luminaire head. Thanks to innovative sensor technology, the light can be controlled by gesture, dimmed or distributed steplessly between uplight and downlight for different lighting moods via the »fading« function. The »color tune« function allows you to adapt the light to your requirements; cool light for working, warm light for cosy hours.

Relax & Work

Having a brilliant idea whilst spending some cosy hours with a good book on the sofa - certainly a familiar scenario. Relaxation and concentration often go hand in hand and are strongly influenced by light. In the lounge area, reading luminaires are a loyal companion for cosy hours, but can also create a focused atmosphere. Choose a model that creates both direct and indirect light - so you can adapt the ambience to your wishes. In order not to be glared at work or while reading on the sofa, the light point of the luminaire should be above your eye level.

A classic: Sento lettura

With Sento lettura, for example, you don't have to compromise: The balancing act between relaxation and productivity is achieved in seconds thanks to intuitive gesture control directly on the luminaire head: You can dim, switch and distribute the light between uplight and downlight without touching it, thus switching between cosy ambient light and focused direct light.

For larks and night owls

Everyone has individual productive day or night times. Nevertheless, a fixed biorhythm is natural. This is primarily influenced by the rhythm of daylight: in the morning hours our body expects cool, energetic light and warm color temperatures in the evening to support the sleep-wake rhythm.

»color tune« – change the light temperature

You can use gesture control to decide which color temperature you want, depending on the situation. From warm light temperature of 2700 Kelvin for relaxed evening hours to stimulating, cool working light of 4000 Kelvin for daytime hours.

Islands of light

If your productive phase is at a later time, we advise you not to irritate your biorhythm with too strong and stimulating lighting conditions. Keep the room ambience darker according to the time of day and set targeted, gentle islands of light at the workplace. Table luminaires from Occhio offer the ideal light source for focused work.

Ease of use

Occhio features make it possible to switch within seconds from a cozy atmosphere into office mode.

»touchless control«
Control the light by gesture, dim or distribute the light between uplight and downlight for different lighting scenarios as desired.

»hight adjustment«
The stepless height adjustment of our pendant luminaires ensures the right light cone in every situation.

»Occhio air«
With the Bluetooth-based lighting control, you can operate your luminaire contactlessly via controller or app. Change the intensity and mood of the light or create individual lighting scenes at the touch of a button that immerse you in different worlds.

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