Icon: Mito terra 3d

Mito terra 3d, for example, is a true icon where form and function are in harmony. With its high-quality design and elegant materials, it enhances any interior and at the same time provides intuitive operating pleasure. The light can be controlled playfully and easily on the luminaire head or body and the color temperature can be adjusted to the time of day – from cooler, stimulating light during the day to warmer light for cosy evening hours.

A classic: Sento lettura

With Sento lettura, for example, you don't have to compromise: The balancing act between relaxation and productivity is achieved in seconds thanks to intuitive gesture control directly on the luminaire head: You can dim, switch and distribute the light between uplight and downlight without touching it, thus switching between cosy ambient light and focused direct light.

»color tune« – change the light temperature

You can use gesture control to decide which color temperature you want, depending on the situation. From warm light temperature of 2700 Kelvin for relaxed evening hours to stimulating, cool working light of 4000 Kelvin for daytime hours.

Islands of light

If your productive phase is at a later time, we advise you not to irritate your biorhythm with too strong and stimulating lighting conditions. Keep the room ambience darker according to the time of day and set targeted, gentle islands of light at the workplace. Table luminaires from Occhio offer the ideal light source for focused work.

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