At Occhio, the quality of our products and safety of our customers is our top priority. We would therefore like to inform you that in first-generation Sento LED luminaire heads (sold from July 2014 through July 2015), it is possible that the lens hooks can become distorted with intensive operation due to a problem with the metal alloy.

In very rare instances, this can lead to the lens being released from the hook. If you have bought Sento LED luminaire heads during the mentioned period, we ask you to participate in the replacement of the hooks.

What or where exactly is the lens hook on a Sento LED head?

The lens hook holds the lens on the Sento LED head. On both sides of the luminaire head, it is located opposite to the tip-on labelled with »Occhio«, which is used to release the lens from the head.

How can I tell if my Sento LED head is affected?

You have been informed by us by mail if one or more of your luminaire heads are affected. If you are not sure how old your luminaire heads are, you may find the date of manufacture at the point marked in the picture. Simply remove the lens and look at the inside of the socket.

We would like to specifically point out that Sento LED heads of newer generations are not affected due to a change in production.

How to exchange the hook

Please make an appointment with your Occhio partner in a timely manner and please return the heads of the affected luminaires for a revision. Your Occhio partner will carry out a professional replacement of the lens hooks. In the following video tutorial and in the instructions below, we show you how to remove the Sento LED luminaire heads easily.

If more than 8 heads are affected, our partners will gladly take over the replacement on site.

The replacement – free of charge & with the following additional benefits

Of course, there are no costs associated with the replacement! In addition, we offer the following free services & benefits as compensation for any inconveniences caused by the replacement campaign:

– a professional cleaning of the lenses
– a complete functional check
– a warranty extension for the entire luminaire until 12/31/2020

Thank you for your cooperation!

Your partner will be happy to answer your questions. In addition, you can reach Occhio for general information about the action on the hotline + 49-89-44 77 86 31.

Despite the most stringent inspections and quality controls, material defects can never be completely ruled out. We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences – and thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,
Your Occhio team

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