In the ecological wooden construction of this family home the borders between inside and outside become blurred. In its concept, Deppisch Architekten Freising went for the interplay of openness to nature and protected closedness. While the upper floor is largely closed, the garden floor is glazed on three sides and flooded with light, with only barely visible window profiles between the inhabitants and the surrounding apple garden.

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Blurred lines

This interplay of blurred boundaries between inside and out continues in the building's interior design: The kitchen counter and built-in shelves extend through the glass to the outside, drawing the interior fittings out to form an outdoor kitchen and wood rack.

Consistent with the design, the lighting concept underscores this fusion of interior and exterior space: At first glance, it isn't apparent to the observer whether the line of Occhio Più piano recessed spotlights actually continues to the outside - or whether it's simply a reflection.

Harmonious lighting

Just as the cabinets and the counter are almost invisibly integrated in the wall and railing, the seamless version of the Più piano recessed spotlights are set in a trimless mounting flush with the stacked wood ceiling.

These characteristics of the Occhio Più piano seamless – its trimless fitting in solid wood while remaining revisable – won over the architects, who have already received multiple honors for their ecological wood construction methods.

Più piano recessed mounting options

Different versions of Più piano spotlights are available for almost any installation: The »seamless« variants are flush-mounted in the ceiling and can be precisely adjusted in height.

The panel mounting solution is intended for lighting accessible from behind or for ceilings consisting of removable elements – and for panel materials, in which precise cut-outs are possible, as in the project presented.

In hollow ceilings which are accessible from the rear or made of removable elements. All that is required in this case is a precise panel cut-out. The versions with magnetically fixed cover rings can be retrofitted in almost any hollow ceiling. They are available in several colors and cover possible tolerance in the ceiling cut-out. Both versions – seamless or with cover – can also be in- stalled in concrete ceilings using the appropriate cast boxes.

Common to all versions is the tool-free installation of the spotlights.

House B, Freising (Bavaria)

Year of realisation: 2013
Client: private
Architecture: Deppisch Architekten, Freising
Lighting design: Deppisch Architekten, Freising + Occhio projects / Helen Neumann
Area (UF): 104 m²
Luminaires: Più piano seamless NV, Sento lettura
Photography: Robert Sprang