There are many unconventional things in this house at the edge of the woods: Interior and exterior merge as the natural stone of the exterior wall follows through inside and large floor-to-ceiling glass facades bring the surrounding garden into the living room.

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The division into different rooms is created by different levels, which - usually accessible over only a few steps – often make it possible to omit walls and provide lots of free space.

Large sideboards are skillfully used to divide rooms without any obstructions. So although the rooms flow into each other they are still distinct.

In addition, the house consists of a sheer explosion of materials and yet at the same time manages to maintain an almost strict clarity.
The lighting concept adapts perfectly to these contradictions. Discreet Più piano recessed spotlights are almost invisibly integrated in the ceiling and yet create tension thanks to interlocking light beams and shadows created purposefully.
Sento terra and Sento lettura in shiny chrome were chosen for the unusual seating arrangement of leather sofa and red velvet armchairs. They not only match the seating arrangement perfectly – they also match each other perfectly without breaking the tension by symmetry.

House in the woods

Year realized: 2016
Building owner: private
Lighting planning: Wienlicht
Luminaires: Più piano, Più RS terra, Sento verticale, Sento terra, Sento lettura, lui basso, lui alto
Photos: Robert Sprang