Quality, uniqueness and intelligence, these are the Occhio corporate values. And the basis for the well thought through luminaire systems from Occhio, which enable a new way of working with light. With Occhio's holistic approach, these values become the guiding principles of lighting design.

An interview with lighting expert Helen Neumann
Uniqueness, quality and intelligence – what do these values mean to you with regards to Occhio?
In the first step, these values are of course perceptible in the product. Axel Meise's holistic approach is unique: a modular luminaire system that offers the perfect lighting solution for every application and is also consistent in shape and form.

Quality refers to the design and workmanship of the luminaires, but also to the light itself. Light quality and light color are consistent across all systems. Thus, Occhio light connects rooms and creates real well-being.

And finally intelligence …
The luminaires themselves are intelligent too, thanks to innovative features that are as user-friendly as possible and offer the 'joy of use' typical of Occhio.

How would you say do these values affect your work with light?
The Occhio values are perceptible in the product, but of course also in the lighting design.
Lighting design can also be qualitative, unique and intelligent.

How do you achieve that?
By thinking holistically here too. It's not just about illuminating spaces, it's about creating atmosphere. We achieve this by making these values become ​​the guiding principle of lighting design.

As an example, you mentioned Alter Hof in Munich ...
Exactly – Alter Hof in the heart of Munich used to be a ducal castle and residence of dukes. Today it is a location for innovation and economic drivers. The lighting design for the workspace was meant to further underline the unique characteristics of this space. You can already feel this in the representative reception area – and it is further emphasized with the ultra-modern work lighting.

… or the rooms of the coworking space Design Offices …
The flexible partitions of the design offices are mostly unwired, so controlling the light with switches was not an option. With our Bluetooth-based light control Occhio air we were able to react intelligently to this: all luminaires are controlled via app or controller.

The ring-shaped pendant luminaire Mito sospeso is used on the event floors of the office complex Atlas in Munich. Used intelligently, it can meet the tight budget requirements that are sometimes encountered in such projects.

Thanks to »color tune« the light color can be adapted to every mood and any time of the day.

What is so characteristic about the BORA administration building in Niederndorf, Austria?
Here, too, we worked with Mito sospeso – this time in different diameters and in two surfaces, rose gold and matt black. The luminaires give the rooms liveliness – without disturbing the eye.

We programmed the electronics of the luminaires so that they could be integrated into the existing DALI house control. Features such as »color tune« are controlled centrally via DALI.

These features ensure that the lighting design can have its unique effect: The lighting is geared towards the natural light, providing 2700K in the morning, reaching its peak with 4000K at midday and easing into the evening and end of work with relaxing 2700K again.

Lastly, you mentioned the Lakeside house.
Right – another shining example for holistic lighting design.

How is that?
This place, right on the shore of Lake Starnberg, is truly magical. Just as spectacular as nature on the outside, light showcases the interior of the private house. Be it the sublime Mito largo arc luminaire, that stages the room completely on its own. Or the ceiling luminaires Mito alto that leave behind a trail of light across the living-room and terrace floors, thereby dissolving the boundaries of not only day and night, but also of interior and exterior.

For me, the Lakeside house is another shining example of a new approach to lighting, a new culture of light. And an expression of all our values.

Thank you for the interview.

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