With his creations, the celebrated French hair artist and designer John Nollet makes the eyes of his clients light up. Celebrities like Sofia Boutella, Nicole Kidman and Monica Bellucci have trusted his styling for years. John has dedicated his work to seeking and finding beauty. Find out what role light plays for him in this process.

The beauty of light

Beauty is something coming from inside. As a hair artist and designer, John Nollet turns the inner beauty of his models to the outside world.

Light supports his work and its effect: thanks to the highest Occhio light quality, colors have as much nuance and depth as they do in nature itself.

Mirror luminaire Mito sfera – available soon

»You can make an amazing hair – but if the light is bad, none of that can shine out.«

John Nollet

»Light is part of the life.«

But light does not only influence his work, it is an integral part of his life: John Nollet appreciates the right atmosphere.

Thanks to »color tune« the color temperature of luminaires from the Mito and Mito linear series can be adjusted – and always create the mood that the moment needs.

Sofia Boutella and Mads Mikkelsen in »The Charm«

styling by John Nollet


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