The spectacular concept of The Table, a restaurant located in Hamburg’s trendy Hafen City district, is just as unique as it is inviting: The three-star chef Kevin Fehling welcomes his guests at the »chef's table« – a single curved table – which enables socializing as well as intimacy.

Personal, culinary and aesthetic satisfaction – the aim is to ensure guests are comfortable – Occhio’s lighting concept creates the ideal atmosphere for connoisseurs.

Chef’s table – at the center of it all

Inspired by the »chef’s table« concept, guests sit around a table and have a direct view of the open kitchen. The table’s custom-tailored form provides each individual guest with an optimal view of the kitchen and all those in the room – guests as well as cooks and waiters are all part of the show.

An individual curved counter of dark cherry wood frees the guests of the usual conventions and permits both sociability and a separation into seating groups of various sizes.

Concentrating on the essentials

For the interior architectural design, the concrete walls and 6 meter high ceiling were left largely untreated and unadorned, thereby drawing attention to what really matters: experiencing the delicate art of cuisine.

Kevin Fehling’s refined culinary concept requires an appropriate setting. The spatial concept stemming from the Hamburg-based architects is characterized by a sophisticated design and particularly the overall flexibility. The use of a modular lighting solution creates a state of functional and optical harmony in the restaurant's interior.

Spotlight on culinary art

Over the curved table Sento filo luminaires in LED create a pleasant and intimate atmosphere. Thanks to the luminaire head’s flexibility, the beams of light can be adjusted according to the seating arrangement and enable a glare-free presentation of each individual course.

Individually staged high ceilings individually staged

The room was designed with io sospeso suspended luminaires, which hang from the ceiling in different heights. The ceiling height of more than six meters required specially customized models for the culinary temple. They are also equipped with »perfect color« LEDs and therefore provide cooks and guests alike with optimally adjusted light.

Kevin Fehling thinks outside the box and masterfully challenges one or two of the standard conventions found in the culinary world. This is illustrated by the higher table and seats, which ultimately allow guests to have a dialogue with the head chef and his team – literally at eye level.

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Download imagery

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The Table, Hamburg

Year of realization: 2015
Architecture: Heyroth & Kürbitz freie Architekten BDA
Luminaires: Sento filo, io sospeso, lui pico
Photography: Thorsten Wulff, Heyroth & Kürbitz freie Architekten BDA

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