For 3-star chef Kevin Fehling, delight starts with the »entrée«: When entering a room, the atmosphere determines whether we feel comfortable and whether a room invites us to stay. With »The Table«, Kevin Fehling has created such a place. Learn more about his restaurant concept and the importance of light – in his »story about light«.

»The Table« is the modern interpretation of star cuisine – supported by an interior and lighting that further expresses this claim.

A special delight

At »The Table«, culinary pleasure comes first: The atmosphere at the gourmet restaurant in Hamburg is informal. Guests dine together, at the curved counter, overlooking the open kitchen.

Kevin Fehling deliberately broke with the unwritten laws of top gastronomy here. He relies on lightness and coziness, also when it comes to the lighting.

Reduction is perfection

The center of everything at »The Table« is the plate – and of course, what is presented on it. All creations are perfectly staged by an individual lighting.

The warm, glare-free light of the pendant luminaire Sento filo subtly underlines the culinary perfection of each course.


When does light become a delight for you personally? Share your story about light!

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