Arriving, being, feeling.

You feel the continuity and lightness of being immediately after you step into the reception area, a feeling produced by base illumination provided by the recessed spotlight Più piano edge, which connects all rooms like some sort of invisible thread. Playing an attendant role at some times and an accenting role at others, the luminaires are arranged in continuous lines that run throughout the hallways and intermediate zones and extend to the offices and communication areas. The entire concept is interwoven with an airy, pleasant transparency that allows the light to gleam all the way to the outer facade.

People and rooms in dialogue

Clients are invited into a conference room, an area that greets them with an array of golden and earthen colours. The flair of the upholstery fabric, the wall design, the carpet and a table made of cognac-coloured wood are accented by the powerful presence of Mito sospeso in exquisite rose gold. At the same time, Più recessed spotlights produce punctual highlights in the appropriate colour temperature.

Architecture and design as one

The penchant for linear stringency that forcefully asserts itself in the architecture is clearly reflected in the selection of the linear Occhio luminaire Mito volo: An elegant, timeless black was chosen for the lean, height-adjustable suspended luminaires above the desks whose light can be adjusted directly or indirectly depending on the situation. These luminaires can be viewed as a type of replica in terms of the soft door frames in the glass dividing walls and window frames.