Illuminate work surfaces optimally

A good lighting of kitchen islands and work surfaces provides bright, glare-free light for cooking and blends harmoniously into the overall concept. The right lighting quality makes the color of food so nuanced and genuine as in nature.

Lighting at the dining table

Perfect design, sophisticated lighting technology - the Mito sospeso pendant luminaire is height-adjustable and adapts to your individual lighting needs.
Via "touchless control" the light intensity and light color can be changed intuitively and without contact. For example, with "color tune" you can set cooler, activating light at breakfast and adjust it to warmer light during the day, depending on your mood and situation.

A game of light and dark

Skilful kitchen lighting is based on the harmonious combination of light and dark. Decisive for the brightness of a kitchen are the colors and materials used in the room - and of course the design of the light. Work surfaces need direct light; Indirect light reflected from tables, walls or ceilings creates a cozy atmosphere.

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