If there is someone who is well familiar with the latest fashion and trends, then it is Lena Terlutter: The 34-year-old is not only the owner of several fashion boutiques in Cologne, she is also a stylist, blogger, model, book author and therefore especially style-conscious. Her followers on Instagram appreciate this. We visited Lena, who recently had her third child, at her new home in Cologne. The fashionista resides there with her husband and children in an elegantly renovated estate.

A blogger up close and personal

Bloggers feel at home in the internet and share everything that interests them with their fans. Lena opened the doors and invited us into her new home to take us practically »backstage«.

The estate’s interior concept features high ceilings and spacious, airy rooms that follow clear lines and have a modern style. The light, gentle colors combined with natural materials such as wood provide an air of freshness and coziness.

“I feel most comfortable when I am surrounded by gentle colors that radiate brightness and friendliness,” says Lena about her new home.

House couture

Lena has been a fan and the proud owner of Occhio luminaires for quite some time. She truly appreciates the sleek, classic design that perfectly complements the most different interior design styles and provides subtle highlights and smart functions such as Occhio air.

Lena knew from the very beginning which lights would illuminate the new four walls: Mito, Sento and Più – and as many of them as possible!

Mito – Lena’s personal »it piece«

Fashionistas such as Lena rely on the effect created by selecting »it pieces«, for example shoes from Gucci or purses from Chanel. The masterpiece in Lena’s interior scheme is Mito.

The filigree bronze, matte gold and matte white rings resemble a cloud floating over the massive dining table and the elegant, yet cozy living area – and accentuate the space brilliantly.

Private house Lena Terlutter, Cologne

Year of realization: 2018
Interior construction & design: Lena Terlutter & Klaus Kaballo
Luminaires: Mito sospeso, Sento lettura, Sento verticale, Più RS terra
Photography: Lena Terlutter

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