A new dimension of light

Light creates more than just brightness, it creates atmosphere and emotion.
Some love the liveliness of brightly lit rooms, others prefer the cosiness of dimmed, warm light.

Shine bright

Only recently Lena Terlutter and her family have moved into a new home. Clear colors and shapes dominate the interior of the elegantly renovated manor – with light playing a special role.

Light as a source of power & inspiration

Lena does not only need good light professionally to take good pictures.
Good light means freedom and creates energy and inspiration – that's what Lena draws strength in, also in her own home. That's how she feels at ease.

Lena – professionally & in private

For Lena, everything revolves around fashion and lifestyle – the mother of three proves this not only as an influencer and owner of several fashion boutiques in Cologne but also in her own home.

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