Enjoy beauty

We each have our own idea of what good light and beautiful design represent. Some enjoy brightly lit rooms, others prefer the cozy atmosphere of dimmed light. One loves opulent decoration, the other loves simplicity. Good light can make your home a private place of well-being – exactly as you would like to have it.
»For me, my home is a place of tranquility. I need very clear colors and forms. And light is the most important thing of all.« Lena Terlutter

Express your individuality

A romantic dinner at a restaurant, the aroma is exquisite, the cuisine is promising, the interior is perfect – but something is not quite right; it’s too bright, glaring, it is unpleasant ... Particularly when dining, proper lighting is critical for your pleasure. It creates a pleasant atmosphere and provides ideal illumination for the dishes. Star chef Kevin Fehling uses light very individually to set the scene at his restaurant »The Table«.
»Eating should be fun and not seem forced. To that end, we have created a warm restaurant atmosphere.« Kevin Fehling

Create something extraordinary

Good light when working fuels our drive, our creativity. It allows us to be more alert and productive. And when it can also be individually adjusted to the specific work situation, it is a great help for our tasks. Jewelry designer Saskia Diez tells us about the special role that light plays in her job.
»Objects can only shine when they have light – just like our eyes. It is what makes them vibrant and holds something wonderful, something magical.« Saskia Diez

Feel the ease

Only with light can we really take notice of our environment. Light guides us through spaces, light focuses, light creates ease – without us consciously experiencing it. Light can produce feelings and influence moods. This effect of light is particularly noticeable in films. Filmmaker Lennart Ruff provides insight into his work with light.
»The light is perfect when it produces the mood I am aiming for.« Lennart Ruff

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