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Organic styling

The interior design concept envisaged the apartments, ranging in size from 60 to 340 square meters, to be delivered to the buyers as »refined shells«. In addition to Behnisch Architects, well-known firms such as Davide Rizzo and GRAFT shaped the interior design of the new tower on the banks of the Elbe. The Hamburg-based firm KBNK Architects took over interior planning of the 164 square meter apartment on the 15th floor. What catches the eye is how the architects adopted the organic styling of the tower’s silhouette in order to translate it into an elegant and homogeneous interior design concept.

Fluent spatial structure

KBNK Architects created a fluent continuum of space in which living, working and sleeping areas flow into one another. The magnificent view of the harbor is celebrated from every area, including the entrances to the balcony encircling the floor.

When light becomes the interior designer

Coved lighting shapes the space, emphasizes lines being carried continuously into the ceiling recesses, and provides momentum and lightness. The indirect light of the cove is perfectly complemented by the accent lighting of the Occhio Più luminaire system, where the Più alto surface-mounted spotlight and the Più piano recessed spotlight are used. The beams of light characteristic of Occhio tie into the dynamic lines of the architecture and create an exciting interplay of light and shadow on the walls that guides visitors gently through the apartment. With their classic shape and finish in gleaming chrome, they are a harmonious addition to the elegant, bright interior decor and provide sophisticated accents.

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