Rustic architecture and modern classic design in perfect harmony: At his restaurant, »La Table de Maxime«, Maxime Collard takes guests on a culinary journey, delighting them with cuisine that has been honored with two Michelin stars and a stylish setting designed to that same high standard. The deliberate interplay between the interior design, the lighting and the connection to nature links both visual and culinary delight.

Playful lightness

Mito sospeso suspended luminaires in the main dining room of the restaurant ensure pleasant ambient light and are a design feature in themselves: They are hung at different lengths and arranged freely to create a sense of playfulness, raise the space visually and enable tables to be arranged flexibly. The wide range of light sources creates almost theatrical lighting: Additional Mito sospeso luminaires illuminate the wine cabinet and help to further set the scene.

The Bluetooth control system, Occhio air, provides maximum user comfort and can create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion: The color of the light can be adjusted however you like to produce wide range of lighting moods. By changing from directional, glare-free light from above to diffuse light from below, the room’s geometry and atmosphere can be dramatically altered.

Harmony through light

io sospeso suspended luminaires cast directional light over the bar area, a space which is also used as a work area. The bright surface of the countertops indirectly reflects the light into the room to create a harmonious atmosphere.

In the adjacent lounge, Mito soffitto ceiling luminaires provide general lighting and create a design motif with their matte golden surface and distinctive Occhio cut. Thanks to their streamlined design, the Mito soffitto is particularly well-suited for a suspended ceiling.

Inside and outside merge

The glass façades of the modern extension provide guests with a seemingly endless view of lavender bushes and surrounding meadows, where, from time to time, herds of sheep will gather to graze. The nearly seamless transition from the interior to exterior really makes you feel one with nature. This feeling is heightened by the individually adjustable lights, whose color and intensity can be changed to match the daylight.

Brilliant experience

The direct, non-glare light of the suspended io sospeso luminaires defines clear areas, creates islands of light and shines brilliantly on table tops. With a CRI of 97 or 95, Occhio luminaires replicate daylight almost perfectly and ensure optimal color rendering. A guest at »La Table de Maxime« enjoys a sensory experience in which taste and sight are combined into a one unique adventure.

La Table de Maxime, Our/Belgium

Year: 2019
Client/Architect: Frédérique Sosson
Owner: la Table de Maxime
Lighting design: Illudesign s.p.r.l.
Luminaires: Mito sospeso, Mito soffitto, io sospeso, io pico 3d
Images: Robert Sprang

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