A place for comfort and relaxation

Right at the ground floor, visitors are received by a generously spacious and modern ambiance. Just as the various materials used can be found recurring throughout the house, so does the lighting design act as a sort of golden thread that runs throughout the building. With the wide range of variations on its universal design, the new Più plus LED spotlight series from Occhio offers the perfect solution for every situation. Sento lettura doesn’t just provide a central source of light, but can also be used in a variety of ways – among other things, as a comfortable reading light.

The perfect guide

The wood paneling stretching through the stairwell and into the gallery on the second floor produces a glamorous and simultaneously warm atmosphere in the puristic building; this paneling especially comes into its element through the Più R alto 3d surface-mounted spotlight. The beams of light that are so characteristic for Occhio ensure an interplay of light and shadow that holds a truly graceful tension.

Setting hightlights

One highlight is the Sento sospeso with its dual-light, suspended luminaires hanging above the dining-room table. Thanks to its seemingly magical height-adjustment capabilities, the light can be adapted to any table situation without hassle. “Up/down fading” via “touchless control” or Occhio air allow for the lighting effects to be adjusted according to any given situation.

It’s all in the details

The Più R piano recessed spotlights in the seamless version ensure an even overall illumination and can be subtly integrated into the architectural design.

The painting isn’t the only masterpiece

The movable Più R alto spotlights can be set up in such a way that they cast an accent on precisely the spot where light is required, such as for illuminating paintings with a soft, diffused light.

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