The glass façade and the airspace behind it give the architecture transparency and lightness. The materials wood, exposed concrete and glass complement the minimalist style. Sento sospeso pendant luminaires in the airspace create a welcoming reception area. At the same time, the indirect light radiates outwards and accentuates the yellow façade.
More than 120 Più alto spotlights illuminate the walls made of exposed concrete, creating a basic lighting and emphasizing the transparency and depth of the building. The grouping of luminaires divides the floor plan and at the same time builds tension in the room.
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The lighting of the canteen focuses on the multifunctional use of the space. The irregular arrangement of the Più alto ceiling spotlights creates a broad general lighting – in the appearance of a starry sky. The edge zones with fixed furniture are versatile thanks to the height-adjustable Sento sospeso pendant luminaires.
Mito sospeso pendant lights in matt black complete the puristic interior of the conference room. The selectable light distribution ensures directional and glare-free light and, thanks to the continuously adjustable light temperature, creates either an activating or relaxed light atmosphere.
Also in the stairwell, visitors and staff receive an interesting play of light and shadow. With its characteristic light cones, Sento verticale wall luminaires emphasize the rough surface of exposed concrete.