With its new headquarters at the Mythenquai in Zurich, the Swiss reinsurance company Swiss Re, has set up an innovative office complex in Zurich.
The demand for architecture and high-quality materials runs through all areas – right up to the lighting concept.

Ceiling-integrated, recessed downlights provide the basic lighting of the house, wallwashers accentuate selected wall surfaces – and skillfully stage works of art.
In order to preserve the appearance of the reduced ceilings, the high quality and elegant spotlights Più piano with visible glass lens were selected for this project.
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Download imagery

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The glass lens of Più piano stages the downlight as part of the materialization of the building, while providing a visible, brilliant point of light in the ceiling.
The flexibility of the recessed spotlights makes it easier to adjust the basic lighting even after the building has been completed. Art objects can be perfectly staged.
In total, around 1,500 Più piano were installed throughout the building. In addition to the highest product and light quality, the »perfect color« LEDs (CRI 97) of the recessed spotlights ensure maximum efficiency and the best possible light quality. This also reflects the sustainable and future-oriented thinking of Swiss Re.

Swiss Re Next, Zurich

Building owner: Swiss Re Investments AG
Year of implementation: 2017
Architecture: Diener & Diener Architekten
Light planning: Licht Kunst Licht AG
Luminaires: Più piano

Featured artworks:

Reception desk, floor, sculpture: © 2014, Martin Boyce

Office area
Think tank curtains: © 2014, Mai-Thu Perret and Marc Camille Chaimowicz
Façade curtains: © 2015, Willem de Rooij

Lounge area
Rugs: © 2014, Guyton\Walker
Walls: © 2014, Heimo Zobernig
Façade curtains: © 2015, Willem de Rooij

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