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In 2013, a major flood in the German town of Passau destroyed the current residents’ previous home. And the flood-proof structure they replaced it with is certainly much more massive: The »Fels in der Brandung« looms above the Inn river like a cliff, defying the rushing water.

During the day, it’s the architecture that impresses; at night, it’s the light.

Più alto – purist accents using light

The black pigmented wall surfaces inside the house are set off by Più alto spotlights in matt black.

They give the raw concrete a warm radiance and create a comfortable setting with their light. At the same time, the rotating and pivotable spotlights offer the necessary flexibility to adapt to changes made in the interior.

Light as a curator

The characteristic lighting effects of the purist surface-mounted spotlight makes any art on the wall seem superfluous. Indeed, the light serves an almost curatorial role: It turns the concrete into a stage and playfully brings out its materiality.

Accented kitchen lighting

Three spotlights are enough to supply the cooking surfaces in the kitchen with adequate light.

Più alto spotlights showcase the heart of the house with absolute symmetry – and in doing so, they emphasise the impressive geometry of the spaces.
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Harmonious illumination for the dining table

The styling of Mito volo, the suspended luminaire from the Mito linear series, caters to the cubist architecture – and retreats elegantly from the design. Thanks to the optional height adjustment feature, it floats at any desired height – while the cables disappear out of sight into the canopy.

Mito raggio – calming light

Amid the cool concrete and the natural landscape outside the windows, Mito raggio provides tranquillity.

The soft light from the arc luminaire falls protectively on the lounge chair – and creates a welcoming place to retreat.

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