BORA has reinvented the cooktop extractor. With passion and conviction, the company goes its own way in the design of kitchen elements – and sought for likeminded, innovation-driven partners in interior and lighting for the newly established BORA administration and training building in Niederndorf (Austria). Lighting-wise, they found this in Occhio.

Anything but average

Even from the outside, the administration building of BORA is a phenomenon: oversized glass elements, a façade dress made of larch shingles typical for the region, deliberately broken by modern building materials such as concrete and steel.

Extraordinary accents

The inside is just as extraordinary as the outside, also with regards to the lighting: Mito sospeso illuminates the elaborately designed relaxation rooms, show kitchens and the catering area. Different suspension lengths and diameters give the rooms liveliness – without disturbing the eye.

The surfaces rose gold and matt black – supported by the elegant luminaire design – consciously contrast the rough feel of the concrete elements and the rustic wooden tables.

Futuristic & homely

When it comes to light control, BORA breaks new ground again by relying on a complex and biodynamic lighting solution based on daylight: In the course of the day, the light temperature continuously adapts – providing 2700K in the morning, reaching its peak with 4000K at midday and easing into the evening and end of work with 2700K again.

The centrally controlled lighting thereby promotes concentration and performance of the employees throughout the day through optimal lighting conditions while attending the user's needs to the maximum.
Occhio image database

Occhio image database

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Maximum ease of use – also thanks to DALI

Mito is optionally available with DALI as a control system. All luminaires used are thus integrated into the existing DALI system at BORA, so that light intensity and light temperature can be controlled centrally. The light thus adapts not only biodynamically to the course of the day, but is synchronized and always harmoniously coordinated.

Follow the link for more information on the control options offered by Mito and our other luminaire series.

BORA administration and training building, Niederndorf (Austria)

Year of realization: 2018
Client: BORA Vertriebs GmbH & Co KG
Architect: Guggenbichler + Wagenstaller, Rosenheim
Light planning: Issaa Sbeiti (Licht im Werkhaus)
Luminaires: Mito sospeso 40 und 60
Photography: Robert Sprang

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