Located at the heart of where streets and tracks converge, Munich’s Bavaria Towers represent a new landmark in the city’s eastern district. In the highest of the four towers, the coworking space provider Design Offices offers new work solutions throughout seven floors according the most modern standards. Maximum flexibility constitutes a fundamental part of this office concept and was therefore also incorporated into the lighting design from Occhio.

A symbiosis of light & architecture

In the Munich district of Bogenhausen, a modern architectural ensemble is being created with the Bavaria Towers, which will bring together offices and hotel industry of a new generation. In the highest of the four towers, coworking space provider Design Offices has moved into a total of seven floors to offer new work solutions according to the most modern standards. The maximum flexibility inherent in the office concept was also the benchmark for Occhio's lighting concept.

The flexibility in the lighting design is mainly achieved by a track system that on the one hand is compatible with the building’s triangular floor plan, but also responds to the special requirements and features. The focus thereby was on finding a linear module system for the amorphous floor plan and to integrate the fewest possible elements into the ceiling.

This ultimately led to the creation of a compelling track grid that radiates from the middle of the tower throughout the individual floors. The flexible lighting concept extends over the entire 9,000 square metres and is primarily represented by the luminaire series Mito, Mito linear and Più. Occhio implemented tailor-made solutions for the individual requirements and at the same time ensured that the budget specifications were met through intelligent lighting design.

Occhio's services in the project – from lighting design, project management and intensive supervision of the installation on site to final acceptance - have already been used at a total of five Design Offices locations.

A beacon of design for the office

The building’s exterior appearance was even taken into consideration for the lighting design.

Thus, the planning process focused on the ceiling soffit's design and the perception thereof from the outside, which showcases integrated grids consisting of black tracks.

At the same time, the building communicates with the natural rhythm of daylight – in the morning and evening the light is warm, while during the day it is somewhat cooler. Thanks to »color tune«, the tone of the light can be dynamically adjusted – and synchronously managed throughout all floors with Occhio air.

A place where you are welcome

The second floor is home to the official entrance area. This is also where informal meetings take place – the lounge area, café bar, alcoves and a large outdoor terrace invite everyone to participate in creative, casual discussions.

Design Offices wanted the lighting in this space to serve as a contrast to the repetitive continuity found in the standard floors. The desired effect was still achieved with the same luminaires that run through the entire project like a common thread – the Più R alto 3d spotlight as a track version and a special version of the Mito sospeso pendant luminaire with a black canopy.

The vitality of the different heights and the informal arrangement create an apparent lightness that can be felt throughout the entire second floor.

Platform for discussions – atmospheric light

In the exquisitely furnished and inviting conference rooms featuring high-quality and carefully selected design classics, the underlying pleasant atmosphere is also reflected in the lighting.

Mito sospeso creates an inviting meeting place that brings together, connects and unifies. By adjusting the color temperature, its light can also be adapted to suit situations – ranging from an energetic light in the morning to a warm light that facilitates a relaxed approach to networking, thus giving meetings a familiar and even more personal atmosphere.

The sound of silence – light meets acoustics

The meeting room presented the light planning team with an additional challenge that eventually led to a special lighting solution: Mito soffitto is used here together with acoustically effective material in the form of round, black panels consisting of PET, thus emulating the material used for the existing movable walls from Design Offices.

For the first time ever, this special solution manages to combine light and acoustics in an Occhio luminaire, and a modified version of this will be incorporated into the portfolio as Mito soffitto acoustic.

The perfect match – flexible light

In the standard floors, the high flexibility of the lighting concept is featured once again and ensures a generous degree of customisation. The grid system is consistently presented here throughout all areas, each alternately equipped with three Più R alto 3d spotlights and a pendant luminaire – Mito volo track.

The layout of the lighting tracks closely corresponds to the architecture: This was achieved by addressing the window axes and also incorporating the beams that can optionally be used as partitions.

Mito volo track is also a lighting variation developed specifically for this project that can be integrated into the system as a track version.

The smallest common denominator

The smallest office unit serves as an office for a single person, two people or as a conference room for four people. It is equipped with two tracks – one with a pendant luminaire and one with spotlights.

This format decisively reveals the flexibility of both components, namely that of the architecture and the lighting concept: On the one hand, it offers flexible movable walls, thus allowing the transformation from a large room into miniature offices and one the other, the consistently designed track grids from Occhio.

Here too, the punctual, directional light of the spotlights complements the diffuse component of the pendant luminaire.

On the wall or on the go – smart light control

The lighting concept was not designed for specific situations, since the spaces are constantly part of a dynamic letting process. Nevertheless, each occupant can determine the desired lighting environment.

This is where the user assumes the role of the designer. They can use features such as gesture control or the Bluetooth-based light control Occhio air to change the overall atmosphere by adapting individual features and thus customise the work situation.

The Occhio air controller with pre-configured lighting scenarios can be stored on the wall thanks to the corresponding magnetic mount – or simply take it with you.

Design Offfices Skytower, Munich

Year of realization: 2020
Architecture: Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos
Luminaires: Mito sospeso, Mito soffitto, Mito volo, Più R alto, Più R alto 3d
Photos: Christoph Philadelphia
Text: Barbara Jahn-Rösel

Perfekter Match: Design Offices gestaltet mit Occhio New Work auf höchstem Niveau

Moderne Arbeitswelten zeichnen sich durch flexible Arbeitslandschaften aus, in denen perfekt designte Arbeitsplätze für das Ambiente ebenso wichtig sind wie Akustik, Luft und Licht. In Occhio fand Design Offices einen starken Partner für die Lichtgestaltung seiner Räume. Bereits an fünf Standorten des Anbieters innovativer Corporate Coworking Spaces verwirklichte Occhio Lichtlösungen – unter anderem in München, Nürnberg, Düsseldorf und Leipzig. Bei der ganzheitlichen Umsetzung des umfassenden Lichtkonzepts begegnet Occhio den Budgetvorgaben mit intelligenter Lichtgestaltung und setzt neue Maßstäbe in Sachen Design und Lichtqualität.

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