Defining elements

Large window openings, wide vistas and spacious rooms define the building’s architectural character, which, in defiance of its cuboid forms, convey an elegance and lightness unlike any other.

Luminaires from the Mito and Mito linear series perfectly capture the building’s character, connecting the individual rooms and spaces through intangible streaks of light. As part of a comprehensive lighting design, they become subtle, primary agents that work together to create the perfect ambiance.

Light – an invitation

A number of luminaires from the Mito sospeso series, in various diameters and suspension lengths, greet residents and guests upon entering the building.

Through their weightless look and feel, they underscore the room’s spatial generosity.

Flexible lighting above the dining table

Mito volo is designed to provide the perfect light for any situation: the powerful and yet glare-free uplight and downlight of the height-adjustable pendant luminaire can be operated by gesture or app situatively - and make the dining table to a place for enjoyment.

Elegant lighting for the living area

Mito largo elegantly frames the living area. The sublime arc luminaire with its pristine bronze surface requires no accompaniment; through its graceful design and sophisticated lighting effects, the luminaire alone enables the room to come to life.

Thanks to features such as »color tune« or »up / down fading«, its expansive light can be adapted to work in harmony with the natural progression of the day – from indirect, cool light in the early hours that captures the essence of the morning sky to produce an enlivening effect, through to warm, flattering light for those cozy evening hours.

An island of light – and a safe haven

Mito raggio’s defined light is like a veil that encompasses the haven it produces, thereby resulting in an intimate space of relaxation.

The light generated by the floor luminaire can be comfortably controlled by the »body sensor«, which is integrated directly into the luminaire's body, or via the Occhio air App – all without having to stand up.
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Transcendent architectural lighting

The living area lacks no daylight; in the evening, Mito alto ensures that the window facade remains the obvious source of light in the room.

The linear ceiling luminaires leave behind a trail of light across the living-room and terrace floors, thereby dissolving the boundaries of not only day and night, but also of interior and exterior.

A bathroom lighting close to nature

In the bathroom, Mito alto produces a soft, glare-free light above and around the mirrors. Here too, »color tune« allows the light color to be adjusted – for a fresh, activating glow in the morning and a soothing warmth in the evening.

The ceiling luminaires’ brilliant light emphasizes the space’s high-quality surfaces, allowing the beholder as well as the materials to shine.

Atmospheric living-room lighting

In the living room, the light-emitting surfaces take a vertical approach. Resembling crescent moons, the Mito soffitto adorns the wall next to the bed in various diameters, casting the scene in a silvery brilliance.

Flattering light in the dressing room

Mito soffitto provides soft lighting in the dressing room for a flattering reflection.

The highest quality Occhio LEDs guarantee the best possible color rendering: Colors, materials and textiles appear with as much nuance and depth as they would out in the natural world.

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