Individuality requires options: Philosophy rather than randomness, harmony rather than chaos, system rather than isolated solutions – from floor to ceiling. Holistically conceived, our modular luminaire system offers the right solution for every situation. Individually tailored to your needs and wishes.

Consistent quality of design

Good design is timeless: premium materials, aesthetic shapes, meticulous workmanship. Perfect light is shaped such that everything works together. The design of every Occhio series of luminaires is consistent in itself, and yet perfect for combining with other Occhio series.

Uniform quality of light

A window seat when and where you want it: for reading in bed, reviewing papers at the office, checking your outfit in the mirror. Our standard for perfect light is sunlight – it should be of consistent and high quality for every situation and every need.

Smart operating system

Perfect light is like music. As it is directed, it adjusts intensity and changes moods. Everything works together in one system – and is playfully simple to control without getting up: by controller, tablet or smartphone.

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