It’s all about the interplay: Defining groups

Control your lighting in groups: Would you like to turn all of your living room ceiling lights on/off or dim them with one single touch? Use the Occhio air app to define individual groups of luminaires in order to control them at the same time.

A simple approach to staging: Create scenarios

Use scenes to set the perfect lighting atmosphere for a movie evening or a dinner with friends – with just one touch. Occhio air lets you configure predefined lighting scenarios for your room, which you can then retrieve with the controller or app.

Occhio air app

With the Occhio air app, you can control single or groups of luminaires, either individually or synchronously. Or store your customized lighting scenes in order to retrieve them again with one touch. You can change defined configurations anytime until they are just right for you.

Occhio air controller

With the Occhio air controller, you can control your luminaires even without the app. Used as a mobile unit or mounted to the wall magnetically, it provides fast and intuitive control throughout the room. Four buttons can be individually assigned – with individual luminaires, groups or entire scenes. The controller is easy to configure with the app. It is available in four colors as a mobile table version or with a magnetic wall mount. Entire homes can thus be equipped with Occhio air controllers and controlled without a tablet or smartphone.

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