Relax, enjoy, come together – the living room is a place where we want to feel good. And because well-being feels different for everyone, an individual lighting design and solution tailored precisely to your needs is especially important in light.

Create atmosphere with light

Especially in the living room, light plays a special role: come to rest in warm light, receive friends in a pleasant ambience, enjoy a movie in indirect light or enjoy a book in the glow of the reading luminaire - the lighting should optimally play any occasion.

Direct and indirect lighting

Become the lighting designer of your personal living space – with the skillful play of direct and indirect light. Direct light highlights your favorite piece visually or, for example, provides the ideal light for working or reading. Indirect light is created by the reflection of direct light back into the room and creates a pleasant basic brightness. Tuning both components adds character and life to your living room.

The right lighting concept

To accentuate beautiful or to compose effective spatial effect with light and dark: The lighting design results from architecture and planned use of the space. Situation-based islands of light not only give the room a structure, but also create an atmosphere and a feeling of homeliness.

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