Have you been looking for the final touch on your interior design? Use warm materials to add elegant accents! Let furniture and accessories outdo each other in shimmer and shine: Eye-catching shades of rose gold and bronze enhance the ambiance and lend a soothing warmth to even the coolest setting. The trend is more versatile than ever before – get inspired!

Bringing metal into the scene

Clever combinations let metallic elements come into brilliant play. As a counterpart to wood or thick rope, rose gold and bronze hued materials provide a sophisticated shimmer. Metals meet soft upholstered furniture with definition, and bring dark colors to life. They harmonize sensually together with reflective surfaces such as porcelain, glass and marble.

Grand style – in proper doses

In the dining area just as in the living room, bedroom, bathroom or office – whether maintaining one look or mixing up styles: Exquisite materials give your home a new, trendy look. Because too much shimmer is overbearing, you can make targeted use of individual accents – in luminaires and accessories, for instance.

Trendy yet timeless

In order to create a timeless interior style out of the metallic trend, the quality of materials is of utmost importance. Occhio uses an elaborate PVD process that ensures extremely high-grade and durable surfaces of the luminaires – so you alone can determine how long you will enjoy your interior design.

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