A brand agency needs a strong brand – and an interior as well as atmosphere matching its own brand image.
Because good ideas need room to breathe and light to grow.

Room for creativity

A room was already provided – with warm wooden floors, modern brick walls and white furniture.

When it came to lighting, the offices of the brand agency Martin et Karczinski deliberately built on the Più, Sento the Mito series ...
... to the delight of the employees who work on big ideas every day.

... to the delight of the designers whose concepts and creations are optimally illuminated in daylight quality with CRI 97.

... and to the delight of the management, who benefits from the efficiency and longevity of the LED luminaires.

Enlightening details

Più R piano seamless – recessed in the ceiling – provide the optimal basic lighting for working. Upward wall-facing Più RS terra provide additional indirect light.

And if you need it even brighter, turn on your table luminaire, Sento tavolo, and individually adjust the light for your workstation.

Stylish accents

Mito sospeso is used in different sizes and suspension lengths above the conference table. It accentuates the agency's creative center in style.

The interplay of surfaces such as bronze, matt gold or matt white gives the room additional lightness – and underscores the clean interior.

Martin er Karczinski, Munich

Year of realization: 2016
Client: Martin et Karczinksi
Light planning: Occhio
Luminaires: Più R alto, Più R piano seamless, Più RS terra, Sento sospeso, Sento tavolo
Photography: Robert Sprang

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Download imagery

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