Iconic, sculptural, expressive – Mito aura floats in the centre of the room. With its characteristic, ring-shaped uplight and powerful, glare-free downlight, it creates unique lighting scenes that can be changed at any time thanks to »up/down fading« and «color tune«.

Edizione Lusso

Edizione Lusso

Noble marble, finest Ascot leather, fascinating new surfaces: Edizione Lusso focuses on extraordinary materials. The exclusive edition gives luminaires of the Mito series a new and incomparable appearance.

»up/down fading«

Distribute the light of Mito aura upwards or downwards. Via Occhio air (optional), the light can be moved continuously from one side to the other. This creates fascinating new possibilities for staging spaces that inspire people.


Choose your light

Mito optics are manufactured in a complex casting process using optical silicone. A calculated rippled structure ensures the least possible glare and aesthetic lines.

As brilliant as sunlight

Occhio takes its inspiration from just one source: the sun itself. The quality of light produced by our new »high color« LEDs comes very close to reaching this ideal: Color rendering has as much nuance and depth as it does in nature itself.

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Occhio luminaire (CRI 95)
Daylight (CRI 100)
95% Daylight quality

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