Mito sfera corda

Dimmable mirror luminaire with cable & continuously adjustable color temperature

from EUR 1,636.00

Mito sfera corda is wired and can therefore be used flexibly as a mirror light. The luminaire with integrated mirror surface offers glare-free and individually adjustable light. With a simple gesture the light can be switched on and off, dimmed and its color temperature can be changed. The quality of light comes as close as possible to daylight. Colors appear as deep and nuanced as in nature.

'joy of use'

Experience Occhio's typical 'joy of use' and choose the light you need in every situation: The light of Mito sfera can be intuitively switched, dimmed and its light color can be changed by gesture or optionally by Occhio air. For the perfect mirror light – at any time.

As brilliant as sunlight

Occhio takes its inspiration from just one source: the sun itself. The quality of light produced by our new »high color« LEDs comes very close to reaching this ideal: Color rendering has as much nuance and depth as it does in nature itself.

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Occhio luminaire (CRI 95)
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95% Daylight quality
Occhio air

Occhio air

Whether switching, dimming, fading or creating entire lighting scenarios and groups – with the app or the controller, the light can now be controlled via Bluetooth.

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