For precisely the light color that suits your mood

Mito soffitto color tune
Mito soffitto provides the color temperature that you are most comfortable with at all times, regardless of whether you prefer to have it light and rather cool or warm and cosy. It serves as a mirror of your emotions.
Mito soffitto color tune

A truly smart approach to regulating the entire lighting

Mito soffitto
Mito soffitto can be controlled with the Bluetooth-based Occhio air, for example by smartphone and tablet. Just like all other Occhio lighting solutions. Now that is smart.
Mito soffitto

As brilliant as sunlight

Occhio takes its inspiration from just one source: the sun itself. The quality of light produced by our new »high color« LEDs comes very close to reaching this ideal: Color rendering has as much nuance and depth as it does in nature itself.

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Occhio luminaire (CRI 95)
Daylight (CRI 100)
95% Daylight quality