Breakthrough lighting technology, award-winning design, cutting-edge features – Occhio adds two iconic highlights to the revolutionary Mito series. The arc luminaires Mito largo and Mito raggio create unprecedented light scenarios in the living and lounge areas with functions such as »touchless control« and »color tune«.

Pure luxury: Mito raggio & Mito largo

Delicate, sensual, elegant: the characteristic cut elegantly highlights the elaborate workmanship. The ring-shaped head of our new arc luminaires Mito largo and Mito raggio floats weightlessly on the conical, minimalist carbon body.

Mito raggio – sublime design

The elegant arc luminaire Mito raggio is a true miracle of light for every room. Powerfully it puts living and lounge areas in scene. Intuitive features like »color tune« or »up / down fading« make the light experience perfect.

An additional touch sensor on the filigree carbon body allows convenient operation – directly on the luminaire.
Whether in puristic matt or expressive shiny material – with its elegant appearance Mito raggio cuts a fine figure in every room.

Mito largo – a strong statement

Mito largo stages every room with elegance and lightness. It harmoniously fits into a room situation and sets an expressive statement in interior design. Its appearance and finely tuned lighting effect create an extraordinary atmosphere.

The height of the head at 145 cm can be adjusted to 130 or 160 cm – depending on the table height.
The ring-shaped head floats almost weightlessly on the tapered carbon body.

Magic features

Mito largo and Mito raggio can be switched as if by magic on the luminaire head via »touchless control«, dimmed or calibrated via the »fading« function as an uplight or downlight. Additionally, the Occhio air app or the air controller ensure maximum ease of use.

»touchless control«

With gesture control, Mito arc luminaires can be controlled as if by magic. Simple gestures near a user's hand are all it takes for Mito raggio and Mito largo to change the light intensity and even the color temperature.

Occhio air

Use Occhio air to adjust the intensity or mood of the light and combine luminaires into groups or scenarios in order to control them synchronously – without getting up, without switches, with one single touch via the controller or app.

As brilliant as sunlight

Occhio takes its inspiration from just one source: the sun itself. The quality of light produced by our new »perfect color« LEDs comes very close to reaching this ideal: Color rendering has as much nuance and depth as it does in nature itself.

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Occhio luminaire (CRI 95)
Daylight (CRI 100)
95% Daylight quality

»color tune«

Mito raggio and Mito largo can adapt to the mood: You determine the color temperature that suits the occasion. Whether you opt for a warm atmosphere for your home or a cooler light for work.

up/down fading

One touch is enough to direct the light emitted by the Mito raggio or Mitto largo. With the help of the gesture control system or Occhio air, light can be continuously shifted from one side to the other. This creates fascinating new possibilities in interior design that will inspire others.


Lighting effects

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