New colors and materials for greater freedom of design: pure black and pure white make a style-conscious statement, matt gold provides subtle accents. Rose gold and bronze captivate with their substance and warm elegance.

Expressive and sensual – the enhanced rose gold surface is the result of an elaborate PVD process and moves you with its gentle beauty.

io verticale

Elegant, compact, versatile – io verticale is the youngest member of the io family. The new addition captivates in striking rose gold. The polished finish particularly accentuates its spherical shape.

Mito sospeso

The masterpiece: The Mito sospeso ring in rose gold radiates a warm, elegant glow. Together with its characteristic cut, Mito takes on an unforgettable look. With its brushed finish made just for Mito, the premium material creates a sensual atmosphere in every environment.
Classic beauty – produced by an elaborate PVD process – the bronze surface dazzles with elegant brilliance.


Our classic Sento in a new outfit: The brushed surface of the Sento verticale reflects the spirit of the time. The classic metallic hue symbolizes timeless solidity and delights with its stylish elegance.


All-encompassing style – with the Più spotlight system and bronze surface. A keen emphasis for the warmer hues of the interior design.
Subtle highlights in matt gold – the gold-anodized surface with its unique velvety feel creates a special radiance in every room.


A matt gold surface is now available for Sento. The combination with a body/base in matt white or matt black creates entirely new design highlights – either as individual luminaires or as an integrated element in the proven Sento system.

Mito soffitto

Artful lighting technology in sensual design – accentuated by the soft matt gold hue with its silky feel. The interplay of light reflexes brings a room to life. With its reserved elegance, Mito soffitto gives every room an expressive radiance.
Fascinating color depth – with a soft touch surface, pure black surfaces create intense design highlights of confident elegance.


Less is more: With its velvety finish, Sento in pure black is an uncompromising interior highlight. The luminaire's simple elegance is the perfect complement to the powerful statement made in dark black and creates an unforgettably fascinating look.
Minimalism in its most impressive form – pure white with a soft touch surface captivates with purity in form and color.


Simply white: Sento is now available in entirely pure white. Head, body and base in matt white thus provide a very unique aesthetic interpretation of a major trend.

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