We are fascinated by making people the light designers of their living space and giving them quality of life through light.

Everything changes permanently. Nothing stays as it was. Because only what evolves has continuous existence. Just like Occhio. Focusing on one idea and one system leads to a unique attention to detail and depth in product quality. Providing the perfect solution for every spatial situation and requirement – that's what drives us. Every day anew.

The power lies in the system

Individuality needs space. A perfectly calibrated interplay of light and dark, of diffuse and directional, of direct and indirect light gives rooms character. And because the requirements for lighting effects can change depending on the situation, Occhio's modular lighting systems offer outstanding design freedom – always in harmony with the highest lighting quality and a holistic design concept.

Quality of light is quality of life

Our model for perfect light is sunlight. Whether at home or in the work environment: Occhio's unique lighting quality ensures the right light in every situation. The precise, glare-free optics stand for maximum lighting comfort. And with the Mito series, the color temperature can be varied from atmospheric warm to stimulating cool at any time with »color tune« - the whole spectrum of light for the unfolding of your creativity.

The joy of use

With Occhio, operating the light becomes an experience. With »touchless control« it is possible to switch, dim, direct upwards and downwards or change the color of the light. Alternatively, the luminaires can be operated via app or controller. Occhio air controls individual luminaires or orchestrates entire lighting scenes simply and conveniently.

Design with attention to detail

At Occhio, beauty and quality are as much in the shape of the luminaires as they are in the finishes, the surfaces – and the intuitive functions. The passionate dedication to aesthetics, attention to detail and holistic thinking perfectly serves the harmony of interior design, both visually and functionally.

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