Occhio air plus extends the Bluetooth-based control Occhio air with functions that are especially relevant for professional applications, such as motion detection, lighting automation and the control of larger networks, also remotely. At the same time, it opens up new possibilities in the connection to DALI systems.

sync – simultaneous control of luminaires

With the sync feature, luminaires with Occhio air can be easily synchronized with each other and controlled simultaneously via gesture control or click. There is no need to install a control cable, the luminaires communicate with each other via Occhio air.

remote – light control from a distance

The remote control feature allows luminaires to be controlled remotely via Occhio air. A gateway on site transmits the control commands to the local network.

sensoric – automated light control

Motion detectors with presence and brightness sensors provide automated control of the luminaires. Depending on the time of day and ambient brightness, light color and intensity are automatically adjusted during the course of the day. Using the motion detection of the sensors, the luminaires are switched on and off.

DALI – highest compatibility

Occhio air luminaires are also available as DALI-compatible versions. They are integrated into existing DALI networks via the DALI gateway for Occhio air. Vice versa, the »air« module DALI allows the integration of DALI dimmable luminaires or control gears into Occhio air networks.

Push button modules – integration of light switches

Push button modules allow light switches to be integrated into Occhio air networks. The two available modules (single and quadruple push button module) can be combined with any switch series and enable the control of luminaire as well as the recall of scenes.

Product overview

For more information, download our Occhio air plus product overview.

Occhio air – Smart Home

With Occhio air, Occhio's Bluetooth-based light control, luminaires can be operated via Occhio air app or Occhio air controller with a simple touch – individually, in groups or in scenes.

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