Occhio+ versions of Mito volo

Use the full potential of holistic lighting design: the additional Occhio+ variants of Mito volo enable extended functions and new applications in the project.

Mito volo pure

Absolute purism: Mito volo pure merges with the room. Thanks to the mounting plate for hollow ceilings, the canopy of the pendant luminaire disappears almost invisibly into the ceiling.

Mito volo pro

Absolutely straightforward and maximally unobtrusive – Mito volo pro is reduced to the essentials, without compromising on design and lighting quality. Features that are less relevant to the project, such as »color tune«, have been dispensed with. The omission of driver electronics and sensors in the head of the luminaire allows direct connection to various external ballasts (constant current).

In addition to the resulting cost savings, Mito volo pure is so comprehensively compatible with building technology and bus systems such as DALI and KNX.

Mito volo acoustic

The rectangular panels for Mito volo made of high-density polyester fleece offer new possibilities for ceiling design in addition to effective acoustic damping. They create a homogeneous, visual layer in the room – and provide additional reflective surface for the light of the rectilinear pendant luminaire.

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