Less is more

Occhio pro versions (constant current) dispense with features that are less relevant in the project, such as gesture control.

This brings cost optimization and allows the wide use of Occhio luminaire especially for basic lighting.

Highest compatibility

The omission of driver electronics and sensors of Occhio pro luminaires enables direct connection to various external control gear. Occhio pro luminaire are thus fully compatible with building technology and bus systems such as KNX (via DALI interface), but can alternatively also be operated with the Bluetooth-based Occhio air app or Casambi.

Selectable light color

Occhio pro versions meet the highest standards of light quality with a CRI of 95 or 97. They are available in three different light colors: 2700K, 3000K or 4000K.

Direct & indirect lighting

Up- and downlight of Occhio pro luminaires with light emission on both sides can be controlled together or separately – for perfect lighting conditions at all times. Alternatively, in conjunction with Occhio air or Casambi can be switched via app.

Maximum light output

Occhio pro versions offer the maximum light output (lumens) in each series. Thanks to new cooling technology, lui pro power spotlights designed specifically for the project area offer up to three times more light output.

We are happy to advise you!

If you have any questions about Occhio pro and Occhio in the project, please contact our project sales department.
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Occhio image database

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