Once a ducal castle and later residence of the Dukes of Upper Bavaria, Alter Hof in the heart of Munich is today a location for innovation and economic drivers. The lighting design for this particular workspace was meant to be just as dynamic – to further emphasize the characteristics of these premises.

The interplay of daylight & artificial light

The two-storey, elegant openings of the facades allow a view over the Frauenkirche, the landmark of Munich, to the peaks of the Alps. The daylight flowing in through it defines and shapes the atmosphere of the office and creates new lighting situations over and over again.

Artificial light responds to the dynamics of the daylight and guarantees optimum lighting conditions – at any time of the day.

Bright welcome – a representative entree

The striking architecture of the two-storey office world becomes apparent as soon as entering. With a seemingly floating Mito sospeso cloud in the entrance hall, the weightless, open character of the architecture with its wide visual axis is additionally emphasised. The warm surfaces of the luminaires with different diameters and pendant heights form a harmonious contrast and underline the representative character of the entrance area.

Situative lighting in the meeting areas

Mito sospeso pendant luminaires in rose gold set contrasts and accents in the minimalistic, clearly structured meeting rooms. Meetings can be complemented by precisely coordinated lighting conditions.

The appropriate atmosphere can be set in a matter of seconds using the typical Occhio features: The freely adjustable color temperature from 2,700 to 4,000 Kelvin creates either an invigorating or a relaxed lighting atmosphere. The possibility of continous control of direct and indirect light ensures perfect light distribution with absolutely glare-free light.
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Light installation minding the architecture

The numerous transparent surfaces of the sophisticated architecture demand a great deal of sensitivity from the lighting designers. The luminaires, floating in the room as if by magic, were installed with minimal intervention into the architecture. Lighting and architecture complement each other perfectly. Seemingly without touching one another.

Highly modern workspace light

Mito linear is Occhio's answer to modern office lighting. The luminaire series combines light and design quality and lifts the use of light to a new level.

The technically elegant floor luminaire Mito terra 3d is used in work areas. Its shape harmonises as if tailor-made with the inclined roof surfaces of the architecture and also blends into the design of the room with its matt black surface. The Mito terra 3d creates focus at work with its linear shape and its precisely defined light characteristics.

Joy of use – intuitive control

The innovative luminaire features make it possible to adapt the light perfectly to the individual performance curve. The high-quality lens optics guarantee glare-free light that can be continuously adjusted between warm and cold color temperature. The contactless gesture control at the head with up and down light makes it possible to adjust the luminaire perfectly to any table or room situation. The lighting is controlled intuitively and contactlessly directly at the luminaire head.

In addition, an activatable »presence sensor« and »ambient light control« responds to presence or absence or dynamically adjusts to the surrounding brightness. The so-called »body sensor« on the body of the luminair enables convenient control of the luminaire at seat height.

Occhio air – holistic lighting control

Artificial light not only complements daylight but also extends it and creates different atmospheres. The Bluetooth-based lighting control, Occhio air, enables central and intuitive control of the luminaires and combines them like an invisible band. This creates individual lighting situations at the touch of a button.

Alter Hof, Munich

Year of realization: 2019
Architect: Peter Kulka Architektur
Office planning: Concept Süd
Lightning design: Occhio
Luminaires: Mito sospeso 40, Mito sospeso 60, Mito terra 3d, io duna
Photography: Christoph Philadelphia, Robert Sprang