The new offices of Uwe Binnberg in the Gabrielenlofts in Munich show how the functional rooms of a former factory building can be transformed into a space for creative work. Learn more on how light by Occhio supports this development – in the course of a holistic lighting design.

A play of shapes and materials

The offices of Binnberg combine rough exposed concrete, warm wooden floors and black and white interior with the graceful shape and the noble surfaces of the iconic Mito series.

In addition, luminaires from the Mito linear series are used here for the first time – the linear interpretation of their circular predecessor Mito.

Mito linear – the new shape of light

Mito linear is the logical evolution of Mito and brings design quality, light quality and light interaction to a new level.

Mito volo, the height-adjustable pendant luminaire of the series, is used as a workstation luminaire at Binnberg. It is suspended at different heights from the concrete ribbed ceiling, subtly picking up its form – and underlines its striking cavities.

Thanks to »color tune« their light can be adapted to the respective activity and mood – cool light for focus, comforting warmth in the evenings.

Mito linear – the entire luminaire series

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Download imagery

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Set accents – with Mito sospeso

Mito sospeso floats as a cloud above the conference tables of the workspace. Their light temperature is also infinitely adjustable between 2700 – 4000K.

»touchless control« enables – as with Mito linear – non-contact control via gesture or app. This way, the light can be easily switched on and off, dimmed or distributed between uplight and downlight.

The right framework – Più alto 3d

The walls of the office act as vertical reflection surfaces: Più alto 3d spotlights provide a pleasant basic brightness as frame lighting.

An inspiring ensemble

The harmonious interaction of all Occhio luminaires enhances the effect of architecture and interior – creating a unique atmosphere.

Thanks to their features, the luminaires not only meet the needs of the architecture, but also its users and create ideal conditions for creative excellence.

Office Uwe Binnberg, Munich

Year of realization: 2018
Client/concept: Uwe Binnberg
Lightning design: Occhio
Luminaires: Mito sospeso, Mito soffitto, Mito volo, Più alto 3d
Photography: Robert Sprang

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