A new culture of light

A new player opens its doors on Corso Monforte in Milan: Milan’s street of light added a new star in mid-April 2021: The German luminaire company Occhio opened its new flagship store in the Italian city, sending a clear signal as Europe’s market leader among local lighting manufacturers. Occhio’s new store promises more than the exceptional design of its intelligent lighting solutions. First and foremost, it is about the highest quality of light and unparalleled joy of use – the very embodiment of a new culture of light.

The prominent location of Occhio’s first flagship store in Italy on Corso Monforte, the street of light in the heart of Milan, now welcomes private and professional customers. The German design company opens up an interactive world of brands and experiences at the »Occhio store Milano«, presenting its entire range of products on 120 square metres. Occhio turns the innovative functions and possible applications of its products into an exhilarating experience while providing outstanding expertise in lighting design.

Intelligent shop concept

The multifunctional showroom concept was brought to life together with the renowned architectural firm 1zu33. Lighting and design are put to work in the smallest space and offset by a clearly recognisable product world of puristic design; intelligent solutions were used to integrate these completely into the shop concept.
The warm, inviting atmosphere of the store captures the elements of Italian design. The stone floors are made by the company Salvatori, the lounge and conference rooms display furniture from Cassina. In the showroom, visitors can experience the effect of light and light quality and use the Occhio air control system to create a variety of lighting moods and scenes.

“In opening the »Occhio store Milano«, we have taken an important step toward penetrating the Italian market. The store is setting the standard for lighting culture in Milan, the international design capital, and we invite visitors to give expression to their own individuality through light. But the impact of our new store will not be limited to Milan; it will also serve as our hub for lighting expertise for the entire southern European region. We look forward to seeing familiar faces and new visitors in our store and sharing our culture of light with them.”

Axel Meise

Occhio service

Sofija Nikolic, store manager, and Christine Figallo design living spaces with light in a very distinctive way together with you.

On the way to international market leadership

The »Occhio store Milano« is the first flagship store outside of Germany and is an important milestone in Occhio’s internationalisation strategy. To that end, along with its current 300 retail partners in Europe and beyond, in the next years the company will open flagship stores in strategically important cities, such as Copenhagen, Zurich, Paris and Shanghai. These new stores will serve as both showrooms and centres of expertise. They will immerse customers in the company’s brand worlds. Private customers, architects, designers and Occhio partners will not only have the opportunity to see the product portfolio in use, they will also be able to access experts in lighting design.


Corso Monforte, 13 – 20122 Milano
+39 02 36 798550

Opening hours

Tuesday - Saturday:
10:00 am-7:00 pm

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